Physical access – Speed gate

Simplex or Duplex

Available in either simplex or duplex configurations with mantrap and fast and freepass configuration options.

Meeting Demand

Designed for heavy duty and demanding applications with a wide range of durable finishes available including polished stainless steel the NPA range of motor gates are suitable for a wide range of environments including Transport, Offices and Industry.

The Look

Options such as security glass gates, wooden, steel and stylised tops the NPA range integrates modern design with advanced mechanical engineering to provide a range of eye pleasing options.

Technical Data

Power consumption 230V ±10% / 50Hz
Average power consumption max. 100VA
Peak power consumption max. 250VA
Average power consumption max. 200VA
Peak power consumption max. 500VA
Average loading ability at unitary passes of 2000 passes/days
Guaranteed throughput at unitary pass of 10-15 passes/mins
Number of operating models 5
Effort of opening of a shutter (without a power) no more 2kg

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